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 UAE Membership in ITA

UAE joining the Information Technology Agreement (ITA)
With the UAE joining the Information Technology Agreement in 2007, the number of participants has grown to 78, representing more than 97% of world trade in information technology products. The ITA which was concluded at the Singapore Ministerial Conference in December 1996 provides elimination of duties on IT products covered by the Agreement.
There are three basic principles that a country must abide by to become an ITA participant:

  1. all products listed in the Declaration must be covered.
  2. all must be reduced to a zero tariff level.
  3. all other duties and charges (ODCs) must be bound at zero.

 There are no exceptions to product coverage, however for sensitive items, it is possible to have an extended implementation period. The commitments undertaken under the ITA in the WTO are on an MFN basis, and therefore benefits accrue to all other WTO Members.