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 Work of UAE office to the WTO

Work of UAE Representative office to the WTO

  • Following closely all aspects of WTO Doha Round Negotiations and the ordinary work of WTO.
  • Participation in the rule making of the multilateral trading system, especially in the revision of the rules of the existing WTO agreements and the introduction of new agreements.
  • Continuous follow up to the issues of concern and interest of the State on the Agendas of the Bodies, Counsels, committees and Working groups in WTO.
  • Strengthening links with WTO member states.
  • Coordination of the negotiation of the UAE-sponsored initiatives and proposals especially the sectoral proposal on raw materials (NAMA) and the rule making in the area of Non Agricultural Market Access.  
  • Participation in the negotiations on maritime transport and other areas related to the financial sector in services.
  • Following closely Issues all issues related to trade facilitation.
  • Follow up on developments related to the area of Investment at the international level and when introduced to the multilateral rule making.
  • Attention and follow up to Liberalizing Trade in Services and Trade in goods (Industrial and Agriculture) at the multilateral level.
  • Following the developments of the Trade related Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Participation in the formulation of the rules related to Anti-dumping, safeguards and subsidies for the interest of the country.
  • Follow the dispute settlements between the member states with special attention to the revision of the Dispute Settlement mechanism.
  • Implementation of the state obligations and monitoring the implementation of other countries commitments especially those related to the interest of the country’s trade.
  • WTO Monitoring Research and Notes.
  • Awareness Campaign on the importance of the WTO.
  • Support to the UAE Customs.
  • Training and capacity building in various trade & trade related sectors.
  • Promotion of the UAE Economy in support of the work of the Ministry of Economy and other competent authorities in the country.
  • Strengthening links with EU Institutions.
  • Defend the interest of the UAE Business community.