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 UAE Representative Office

​​​Contributing to the UAE’s Economic Diplomacy:

​The UAE Representative Office to the WTO in Geneva at the heart of the world’s strongest network of international, political, industrial, trade, research and media Organisations.

The UAE Office to the WTO in Geneva is at the heart of the European Economic Area (EEE), the world’s biggest trading block associating Switzerland and Nordic states to the European Union.

For this reason, and as all EU States have given to the EU Commission the exclusive competence of negotiation for international trade agreements in a system where the WTO is central, even for FTA’s; the UAE Office to the WTO belongs to Geneva axis which concentrates the world’s most dense structure of economic interaction : the headquarters of all International Organisations of economic relevance (except the IMF and the World Bank), major industrial federations and associations of trade unions, more than 2000 permanently accredited journalists, thousands of lobbies, sectoral networks, academic institutions and think-thanks, hundreds of headquarters of major multinational corporations, etc…

Therefore the UAE Office to the WTO in Geneva can play a key role at the service of the UAE’s economic diplomacy due to its geographical proximity and strong links of cooperation with officials from European Institutions and Governments; European-based International Organisations (such as WIPO, ITU, etc…), international officials dealing with the Brussels or Geneva-based Organisations in their Missions / Embassies; and those coming regularly from their Capital.

The UAE Office to the WTO in Geneva has a unique potential to become a research, resource, intervention and negotiation centre at the service of the UAE’s economy; able to provide analysis, privileged information, selected contacts and assistance upon request to UAE companies, organisations and Government bodies.

Director of UAE Representative Office, Mr. Abd Alsalam Al Ali


 Rue de Moillebeau 50; 1209 Geneva, Switzerland

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Tel: +41228690000

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UAE Representative Office to WTO

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