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 Commercial Affairs Sector

​​​​​​​The Commercial Affairs Sector undertakes to propose; commercial policies, setting, developing, implementing and follow up procedures related to commercial affairs in the Ministry of Economy, whether policies and procedures dealing with registration of companies, commercial agencies, accounts auditors, in addition to follow up development and implementation of procedures associated with commercial control and consumer protection.

Sector departments:
Commercial Registration Department
Department competencies:

1. Establishing private joint stock companies.

2. Licensing foreign branch companies.

3. Disseminating official documents for companies (limited liability, general partnership, limited partnership) in the commercial companies bulletin.

4. Registration in commercial agencies.

5. Directing the issuance of the Directory of the Standard Classification of the Economical Activates.

Consumer Protection Department:
Department competencies:

1. Supervise on the execution of the general policy for consumer protection in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the state.

2. Co-ordinate with the concerned authorities in the state to confront unfair commercial practices which harm the consumer.

3. Co-ordinate and cooperate with the concerned authorities to disseminate the consumption awareness in the state on goods and services and inform consumers of their rights and means of claiming them.

4. Control prices movement and strive to limit their increase.

5. Seek for the achievement of fair competition and combating monopoly.

6. Receive consumers’ complaints and adopt the procedure in this regad or refer them to the competent authorities. The complaint may be submitted directly by the consumer, and may be submitted by the consumer protection association on consideration as the representative of the complainant.

7. Publish the discussions and recommendations that contribute to increasing consumer awareness.

Accounts Audit Department
department competencies:

1. Issuance and renewal of licenses for practicing accounting and auditing profession for accounts audit offices and auditors working in such offices.

2. Control over accounts audit offices and internal auditors to ensure extent of abidance by the laws organizing accounting, auditing profession, and professional performance standards.

3. Receive complaints related to professional violations and formation of committees to determine such complaints.

4. Setting the necessary legal framework for organizing audit accounts profession based on the legislations issued in this respect in joint cooperation with the economic legislations department and other governmental and private entities in the country.

5. Follow up matters and issues of interest to audit accounts offices and work to set clear such issues with the local governmental bodies to conform with the laws and systems in place for the said profession.

6. Any other competencies related to the nature of work of the department.

Commercial Control Department
Department competencies:

1. Control and follow up implementation of the laws related to control and prepare periodical reports thereof.

2. Coordinate with entities concerned with commercial control to follow up complaints, and take necessary actions against violations of the laws related to commercial control.

3. Observe and review difficulties opposing practical application of legislations and executive regulations of economic nature with the concerned authorities.

4. Follow up regional and international developments associated with commercial control through direct contact with local, regional and international organizations and establishments working in this area.

5. Study unprecedented economic incidents and present proposals thereof.

6. Propose laws and ministerial decisions associated with commercial control, in coordination with the concerned departments.

7. Follow up affairs related to Israel Boycott Bureau.

8. Any other competencies related to the Department’s work nature ordered by the Executive Director.

Commercial Agencies Department
Department competencies:

1. Register, renew, amend and delete commercial agencies as per the prescrib​ed provisions thereto.

2. Provide database and studies about commercial agencies.

3. Inspect companies in violation of the provisions of the commercial agencies law

4. Organize the working of the commercial agencies committee through preparation of its work agenda, minutes of meetings, and informing the concerned bodies of its decisions.

5. Receive termination applications of commercial agencies, submit the same to the Commercial Agencies Committee, and follow up any case thereto with the competent courts

6. Propose legislations concerning commercial agencies.

7. Any other competencies related to the nature of work of the department ordered by the Executive Director.

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