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 Support Services Sector

​​​Department competencies:

1. Participate in drawing out the Ministry's policies, setting up the strategic plans, and supervise their implementation within the sector of the Supporting Services Affairs he has been supervising.

2. Set up work plans and principle programs for the sector of the Supporting Services Affairs and supervise their implementation once sanctioned.

3. Coordinate between the organizational units under his control, oversee their performance, and file achievement reports to the Director General.

4. Follow up and develop performance in his subordinate organizational units.

Sectors department:
The Department of Human Resources & Finance
Department competencies:

1. Plan, develop, train and emiratize human resources in the framework of the policies and the federal strategic planning of human resources.

2. Effect human resources procedures relying on the civil service human resources policies and legislations.

3. Provide ways and means of administrative support and backup to the different organizational units.

4. Administer activities related to human resources' training and development by setting up plans and develop policies related to determining training needs and receive suggestions and recommendations in this respect.

5. Receive, distribute incoming and outgoing correspondences to and fro the Ministry, follow up the process of keeping, tabulating and registering them in the official record and secure the needs of the employees of the Ministry of transportation means and organize their traffic.

6. Prepare the budget of the Ministry on basis of its strategic plan and control and collect revenues.

7. Apply the approved financial policies, regulations and procedures.

8. Secure the needs of the different departments, offices and sections of the purchases, materials, furniture, and the different requirements and follow up purchasing process till supply is accomplished and make sure that the quantities, varieties, and specifications are as inscribed in the purchase orders.

9. Any other duties associated with the Department's nature of works may be assigned by the Executive Director

The Department of Information Technology
Department competencies:

1. Identify the required technological programs and systems, work to develop them and enhance electronic linkage operations according to the requisites of the electronic government and the Ministry's strategies.

2. Ensure readiness, safety and security of all equipments and technical operative systems and follow up performance.

3. Offer services of technical support and backup to all the organizational units of the Ministry.

4. Prepare systems to manage the stuff of the Ministry's electronic site.

5. Program, save, and retrieve, and amend the information technology and systems of the Ministry's activities.

6. Design, maintain, and periodically update the internet system and the Ministry's intranet.

7. Any other duties associated with the Department's nature of works may be assigned by the Executive Director.

The Department of Legal Affairs
Department competencies:

1. Express the legal opinions in all issues referred thereto by the concerned bodies.

2. Represent the Ministry before the concerned bodies in respect of the judicial disputes the Ministry party thereto, and prepare the legal motions in this respect.

3. Study notes intended to be filed to the Cabinet by the Ministry.

4. Render the technical point of view according to the courts' instructions in respect of trademarks and intellectual properties claims in collaboration with the concerned Departments.

5. Prepare and devise the different ministerial decrees.

6. Any other duties associated with the Department's nature of works may be assigned by the Executive Director.